What is Flowser?

Mar 3, 2022 08:59 AM
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๐Ÿ“Œ About Flowser

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹

We are so happy to see you here! In this first post we would like to introduce you to the Flowser (stands for Flow Browser), how was it created, who created it and what can you do with it.

1. What is Flow ?

Flowser is a tool built for the Flow blockchain. Flow is a relatively new blockchain ecosystem with new approaches to smart contract language design and system architecture.
According to the official website:
Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them.
It was created by the same folks who built the most popular blockchain game (until recently) CryptoKitties. At the moment, the most popular blockchain game (NBA Top Shot) is actually built on Flow itself.

2. What is Flowser?

Flowser is a convinient explorer and blockchain management tool forย Flow blockchain developers.
With Flowser you can easily start your local Flow network and inspect the state. It is your development inspection tool giving you confidence your smart contracts are behaving as intended and it brings the world of transactions and blocks in beautiful colors making it easy to understand.
It was established in late 2021, as a part of FLIP Fest, the Flow Buildathon.
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3. Features

Flowser tool is constantly changing, so new features are added on a monthly basis. We gathered all the important up-to-date features here.
Head over to Github discussions at github.com/onflowser/flowser/discussions to view or add new feature suggestions.

Emulator management

Configure and run managedย flow emulator projects or start your own emulator instance on localhost. When running managed emulator, flowser will also show all emulator logs.
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Blockchain explorer

Flowser allows you to inspect the current state of the flow blockchain. Every new change is automatically detected and displayed in the UI.
You can view & search thought the following flow objects:
  • (emulator) logs
  • accounts
  • blocks
  • transactions
  • contracts
  • events
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Dev wallet

Flowser natively supportsย fcl-dev-wallet tool for developer convenience. You can log in using a default service account and send arbitrary transaction directly within flowser UI.
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Support for other networks

  • "out of the box" support for other flow networks (currently testnet, possibly mainnet in the future)
  • app is containerised and is therefore easily deployable/portable to any server or cloud provider
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4. System architecture

Flowser (Stands for Flow Browser) consists of three main application components:
  • database (currently MongoDB)
Each of the three components is implemented as a standalone independent component, containerized as a Docker container which improves development productivity and is production oriented.

Architecture Diagram

The following application architecture diagram comprises a high-level overview of the components and fundamental interactions within the system.
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5. All the important links

Weโ€™ve gathered all the important links here:

This is all we got to say for today, thanks for checking out our first blog post!
We have big things planned for Flowser in the future, so stick around if you are or plan to develop in Flow ecosystem! ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธย ๐ŸŒŠ